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Windshield replacement in Mesquite, TX can be a task, finding a reliable company is the hardest part. Rock Chip King offers free mobile service to all area's of Mesquite TX. We also offer same day windshield replacement at no extra charge. Rock Chip King  has grown a reputation for specializing in auto glass repairs but everybody stills asks the question? "can my windshield be repaired". From the moment you talk to one of our technician you'll notice we'll try and gather as much info to see if you windshield is repairable. After carefully reviewing the information we'll recommend the best solution possible.

Saving you money is just the beginning when you choose us to service your vehicle. All our technicians are highly experienced and this allow us to guarantee all of our installs. Knowing your covered should any issues arise is always a comfort when choosing an auto glass company. 

So before you decide on a windshield replacement call and talk to one of our technicians,

"Let the King decide".

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